Casey Le

Marketer by trade (and there's more to it). Maker by passion (since Geocities, baby). Technologist at heart (it's how I do what I do + why I tweet what I tweet). Doing it all in San Francisco, California.

current since january 2017 • san francisco, california

freelance Growth Marketing Consultant

Establish growth marketing process and framework that scale and support long-term growth. Experiment with lean tactics and cost-effective tech hacks to bring quick wins without sacrificing best practice compliance.

Data-driven infrastructure

Ensure proper data infrastructure is in place by sourcing and integrating new marketing analytics-related technology with existing analytics frameworks.

Growth programs

Launch campaigns across variety of marketing channels (nurture, paid media, SEO, social) while researching new tools and experimenting with new tactics and channels.

Process automation

Improve marketing/sales alignment through holistic automation-led strategy to improve market insights, competitive analysis, data enrichment, sales productivity, lead scoring, etc.